Dream jobs for writers: 5 gold mines you might not know about

When you tell people you want to make a living writing, they’ll probably smile and nod and think to themselves ‘yeah, good luck with that’. The idea that anyone who is a halfway decent writer can make a living at it seems pretty fair fetched to most of us—and certainly the narrative of the struggling writer hasn’t helped. But the truth is that landing your dream job as a writer may not be all far fetched, as long as you are willing to work hard as a freelance writer.

The days of staff writers and full time salaried positions for writers are mostly over. If you want to make a living it at, your best bet is working as a writer for hire. Here are 5 gold mines you might not know about to get you working:

  1. Freelance websites
  2. There are dozens of websites out there where clients can post jobs and projects and writers can bid on them. Many of them even facilitate and guarantee payment, which means that you don’t have to be worried about whether you are going to get ripped off. Typically these websites include a wide range of different kind of writing jobs, so you can find one that is well suited for your talents and experience.

  3. Pitching content for blogs
  4. Many companies run their own blogs where they talk about their products and issues that are important to their consumers. You can contact these blogs and pitch them content for them. They won’t always pay the best, but it’s a good food in the door.

  5. Article writing
  6. One of the best freelance gigs is article writing for websites and magazines. Try to find a client looking for articles topics that you are interested in and knowledgeable.

  7. Academic writing
  8. One of the best sure fire ways to find work as a write is to do academic writing. There are always people out there looking for papers to be written, research to be summarized, and works to be critiqued. If you didn’t much enjoy this kind of writing the first time around when you were in school though, this probably isn’t the best route for you.

  9. Get sponsored
  10. Another way to make a living writing is to get sponsored by a brand or company. To do this though, you’ve got to have a well established blog or website.

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