Top 7 Practical Tips For Those Looking For Freelance Copywriting Jobs

Freelance copywriting jobs are available in abundance. It may not seem this way when you have limited options for where to look. Many writers need to expand their options by further reviewing what they have to begin with. In other words you may need to revisit your collection of sources as a starting point. As a freelance writer you should always have sources lined up to consider. With copywriting jobs you have an idea of what clients may want someone with this type of skill. This means a freelance writer should think about how to expand their exposure. Here are 7 tips freelance writers can consider when seeking copywriting opportunities.

  1. 1. Use writing blog sites that compare blog information. There are a number of freelance blogging sites that provide insight on where you can find jobs. They also provide tips on how to apply and what to avoid when applying.

  2. 2. Use websites that provide a compilation of writing jobs (job leads). These sites are available in abundance and they often provide good information freelance writers will find useful throughout their writing careers. These sites are often bookmarked by other writers.

  3. 3. Find online groups and communities for writers with job postings. This is a good place to go to share information you learn with other writers. You may get tips on when jobs may be available and how to prepare for them.

  4. 4. Think about publications such as magazines with an online following and calls for writers. There are times you may not find freelance copywriting jobs online, but you may find leads in publications for writers on where to apply.

  5. 5. Search for writer websites that focus on a specific genre or offers tips for writers that produce content for certain subjects. If you are looking for work in a specific genre you can find sites that offer work in this general area. You may get tips on such sites through group forums.

  6. 6. Consider sites offering job opportunities for telecommuters and stay at home parents. These sites offer great information for writers with specific lifestyles. The provide information you may not be aware of that can be useful during your job search.

  7. 7. Have your website and online portfolio in tip top shape in case clients come looking for you. Don’t forget to mention you provide copywriting services on your site in case you are found by a potential client.

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