How To Find Highly-Paying Writing Jobs For A Chemistry Freelance Writer

Freelance writing has become the utopian ideal for a lot of people who are trying to escape the trials and tribulations of the rat race. However, while it is often possible to get highly-paying jobs you really have to sift through a lot of rubbish in order to find them. You also have to generally build up an incredibly good reputation before these kinds of jobs start dropping into your lap.

So, just how do you find highly-paying writing jobs for a chemistry freelance writer?

Create an excellent profile

A strong profile, outlining all of your strengths and previous experience is absolutely essential for any would-be freelance writer. Be sure to register on as many different sites as possible and don’t be deterred by the seemingly never ending process that you have to go through. If they ask you to jump through hoops, jump them. By experimenting with several different sites you will more than likely find one on which you will be able to find regular, sustainable and yes, highly paid work.

Look in specialist periodicals

If you are wanting to excel specifically in a niche field like chemistry then I would suggest looking in specialist periodicals and magazines that are geared specifically to that particular audience. Most will have a section in which they will be advertising for freelance writers. If you don’t want to buy the magazines then they can usually be found in libraries or online. A lot of writers overlook magazines but they are a brilliant source.

Trust in yourself

You are a scientist, you don’t believe in mumbo jumbo like the laws of attraction right? Well, before you dismiss it outright, I would simply ask that you trust in yourself and believe that you have the capability of attracting those high-paying jobs. A positive mental attitude will get you a long way. Sometimes all you need is the confidence to reach out for something and it will become yours.

Word of mouth

You should never underestimate the power of word of mouth. Chemistry is quite a tight-knit community. Chances are you won’t be the only one looking for work. Have a discreet word with your lecturer and friends and colleagues and see what is out there. You are less likely to get scammed and more likely to get a higher-paying role this way than if you go down other routes.

Level Up Your Skills

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