Freelance Writing Niches: 5 Things To Remember

Becoming a freelance writer can be a great thing. You often get to choose what you work on, you can often make your own hours and you have a variety of different kinds of writing to choose from. If done correctly, this can make a profitable career. You can almost chose how much money you make. There are drawbacks as well but more or less it is a good career choice, especially for someone who wishes to work from home. This career does come with certain things that you should always know when going into any job though. Here are some important things to remember to know beforehand.

Things to Remember

  • - How are you being paid?
  • - What are the specifics of the job?
  • - Is there a quota?
  • - Does the site take a cut?
  • - What is the time limit?

How are you being paid?

Before agreeing to a job you should always know how you are being paid. Typically there are a few ways to get your money. Either by the hour, by the assignment or by the word count. Always know which and how much before taking the job.

What are the specifics of the job?

You should always know exactly what you are being asked to do. What kind of writing is it? How many words are you expected to write? What is the topic of the assignment? These are things that you should know going in from the start, otherwise you may end up with more than you bargained for.

Is there a quota?

On longer term jobs you should also know if they have a quota for their writers. Are you expected to write a certain amount of work per day, week or month? If you go into a job not knowing and they expect 10 articles a day then you are stuck with that quota, so always ask first.

Does the site take a cut?

A lot of sites that work as the middleman between you and the client expect to receive a percentage of the clients money, yours, or both. Know how much they take beforehand.

What is the time limit?

Now that you know all of the important details of the job, make sure that you can do it in time. Knowing the time limit set for you to finish the work in is important.

Once you remember to always know these things in advance, you can be a great freelance writer. Knowing these things are the keys to a good career.

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