How To Get Paid For Writing Online Content As A Freelancer

Making money out of online content writing as a freelancer seems to be a dream job for many people who have little idea of how it really works. There are certain misconceptions regarding such a job, so below, you will find some explanation of the way you can earn money, selling your content.

What Is All This Freelance Writing about?

In fact, everything is quite simple. You compose your own unique text or rewrite somebody else’s content and make money out of it. You don’t need to make any investments. You require only your desire to write and get paid. There are three main types of freelance content writing that can be encountered online.

  1. Copywriting.
  2. It means that you need to compose unique texts dedicated to any possible topics. The choice of the topics is the task of your clients. If you decide to compose articles on your own and then sell them to those who seek high-quality content for their websites, you need to do some research and see which topics are the most popular and which you can master.

  3. Rewriting.
  4. It’s practically the same with copywriting with one significant difference: the texts that you produce are processed and paraphrased texts of other authors. There are certain criteria of uniqueness that allow rewriters to create practically 100% unique content.

  5. Translations.
  6. Sometimes, it’s completing orders (when people really need to have a certain text translated); sometimes, it’s usage of texts in other languages to produce unique content.

What Should You Choose?

It’s up to you to choose what you would prefer. Quite often people start with rewriting because it allows them to get a certain skill. Eventually, they move towards copywriting because it’s more expensive. While you are a rewriter, you can get registered at a content marketplace online and see how experienced people sell their texts at significant prices.

If you are only a beginner, you need to be realistic when evaluating your abilities, knowledge and skills. It often happens that people start with the most difficult part: begin writing unique texts from scratch. It’s quite difficult, especially if you don’t know specific basic rules of composing such texts. If you undertake a copywriting order without enough experience and knowledge, your text can be turned down as a low-quality one without explanations. That’s why, it’s recommended to start from easier areas. After all, the more experience you gain, the more valuable as a content writing freelancer you become.

Level Up Your Skills

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