A Basic Guide For A Freelance Copywriter: What Hourly Rate Is Fair

If you’ve never done freelance copywriting, or freelance work in general, you might not be too familiar with what’s custom and what’s not. This especially comes in handing when trying to negotiate a price for your work. There is no set standard for freelance copywriting, but there are some factors that come into effect when trying to name an hourly rate. You may be the best candidate for a job, but if your price isn’t fair, a client may be turned off from hiring. When establishing an hourly rate, keep these things in mind so that you can settle on something reasonable:

  • Your experience: If you’re only beginning to do this kind of work, or if you’ve only held a few jobs, your rate cannot be as high as others’. The level of your experience plays a role in the rate you can charge. Find out what a starting rate for your field is.

  • How long is it going to take you to complete?: The more time-consuming the job is, the more you can charge. When considering an hourly rate, it’s important to keep in mind how many hours it’s likely to take.

  • Consider how much you’d like to be making: Come up with a target number and try to work towards that number. If you want to earn more money, you will have to do more networking and research to find a freelance job for you. As mentioned in the first point, the more experience you have, the higher your rates can be.

  • Check the demand: If possible, try to find out how many other copywriters are applying for the same position. Jobs that have a higher response rate may have more competitive pricing, so for the most part try to aim a little lower than what you normally would. When there aren’t many applicants, feel free to inflate your rate a bit. This is likely to be accepted by the client because there is no other option.

Hourly rates for freelance copywriting can really vary based on several components. This list compiles a few of the major things to consider when averaging an hourly rate for your work. Most importantly, though, you should follow your gut feeling. If you feel a number is just too low, don’t seek any further justification to raise your price. The same is true for prices you feel might be too steep.

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