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Freelance by origin comes from the old times when a knight or mercenary offered his services to a king regardless of the nation he belonged in return of a fee or money. This gave birth to the word “free lance” someone who does not have a regular job or a permanent employer. These people have the choice and freedom to offer their services to anyone they feel like and take on any task that interests them. A freelancing writer would be someone who offers his writing services to clients of different level, background, organization and for different times. One interesting thing to note here is that such people can offer their services to more than one employer at a time depending upon the nature of their work and capacity.

One other way of freelancing is doing a regular job during the day to meet your running expenses and start a part time job after work to save some cash for your big day or support your family goals. This is playing safe because in the beginning you will not even have plenty of jobs to work on so you can easily take out an hour or two a day to work on your freelance career and profile while you work during the day. The best part about this job type is that you decide your own duties and preferences so you can simply choose to work on the weekends while have a regular job during the week.

If you have a degree and experience in medical field and a passion for writing, then you could definitely make some nice amount with a freelancing career in medical writing. It is important that you have the credentials to start this job because the employers will want to hire someone who is a professional and knows what he is doing. You can verify yourself and add your credentials to the account for the potential clients to know your qualification

If you are on the hunt for a good paid writing job in medical field then the other important thing you should have is good portfolio and reputation. Clients want to make sure, if their project is extensive that they are paying the right person to do it. This is why they look for the portfolio samples to match the quality of writing and the standards

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