How To Find Legitimate Freelance Online Writing Jobs: A Step-By-Step Guide

Starting one’s career as freelance online writer is a fairly recent idea. If you want to emerge as an online writing professional, you are just about to start your career path with much uniformity in each of your steps. Fortunately, the obstacles to make your entry are considerably low while opportunities are just too many to be counted.

Here is how you can make a good start.

Discover your interests and potentials in specific subject matters:

It is best to know what you can do with utmost excellence. You can choose an area from your own educational background. If you are a student of business administration, you can stick to that because you already know something about it. In some cases, many writers tend to specialize in some subject areas which are not related to their educational backgrounds. You can do the same, but do not forget you are about to cruise a whole new domain of knowledge.

Improve your understanding of the subject area:

After selecting the appropriate niche, you should do research for at least an hour each day, so you can keep abreast of the expert’s insights and latest updates in the form of articles, blog posts and videos.

Build a smart portfolio:

Do some write-ups on your own. Be creative in choosing the topics and writing on them. Do not copy what an expert says or believes. Try to spruce up your contents in your own style. Then, compare and contrast your contents with those of others who are recognized in their field. Try to pinpoint your weakness and find recommendations from fellow writers by connecting to them through social media platforms and forums. After getting a considerable amount of reviews, finalize your works and try to get them published on some authority article publishing sites. You can also start your own blog and add at least one post to it each day. All these will help you get a solid online presence.

Sign up with freelance marketplaces:

Nowadays, there are several online marketplaces featuring paid writing jobs. Some sites feature a wide variety of jobs while others only the writing jobs. Choose any of them depending on some information like the prospects, terms and conditions, types of writing jobs available. Continue to the sign-up process and learn how to identify the jobs that match your skills.

Try to sell yourself in a way that your potential clients get a full picture of your expertise and can assess if you are the right fit. It is good to set a relatively low hourly or pay rate because starting off with a modest pay rate is good in many ways.

Finally, you need to be consistent and dedicated in all your actions, so your clients get satisfied with your work, keep you busy and pay you.

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