A List Of Suggestions On How To Make Your First Steps In Freelance Writing

In the beginning of any new project you are going to make progress the longer you practice at it—as the saying goes practice makes perfect. I have found this maxim to ring very true throughout life. From reading longer passages than you used , to mastering the video game Zelda, the longer you work harder, the longer you study the market hard, the more you will be able to satisfy the market.

Freelancing is a business like anything else.

The longer you write, the more clients you will attract who will actually pay you what you are worth.

You do not want to take on assignments that are too “Big” or “Hard” if they are due right away.

But do not expect that you will be able to write a twenty page on the art of Joseph Mallord William Turner in one day. You’ll have to research the topic and produce a very fine piece of prose to impress your client. And a good letter from your client—a especially one who is impressed with your writing skill- is a great things to have in any profession.

So write your best for every job you get, even if you are writing for very little pay. This client might just use you again in the future for a great job for more money once they get to know you and see that you are going to provide them consistently with good, solid wriing.

Books on Freelancing and Writing

Also, writing is not easy—and freelancing has all kinds of things you need to know to project yourself. So be careful to read some books on how to become a great freelancer, before you jump right in. You might want to brush up on your grammar, especially if this is somewhat of a weakness for you.

Also, getting a good dictionary and thesaurus is a must, nevertheless a style guide

Also, because other people will be able to see your reviews, you always want to make sure your client is happy with your essay or blog, even if they have not said anything. Ask them if they have any constructive criticism that might help you both to improve the assignment and your writing in general.

Being a freelancer can be rewarding if you prepare for the career.

Level Up Your Skills

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