Freelance writer rates: what you can get for good work

Why should you become a freelance writer?

  • If you love to write and have received compliments on your writing skills, freelance writing may be a good job for you.
  • Due to the economy and job market, many people are finding other means to make an income.
  • Many individuals are finding that they must do freelance work to generate income.
  • There is a great need for freelance writers in the 21st Century due to the internet and web.
  • There will always be a need for freelance writers, especially since many individuals are starting their own businesses on line.

What does it take to be a good freelance writer?

  • The freelance writer needs to know how to write in Basic English.
  • The freelance writer must have good grammar skills and spelling skills.
  • The freelance writer must ensure that they always proofread their work for spelling errors and grammar errors.
  • The writer should have some experience in doing papers in different writing styles and writing formats.
  • The freelance writer should have some kind of presence on the web and in social media.
  • The freelance writer should create a website to display their work for potential clients.

What is the going pay rate for beginners to experts in the freelance writing field?

  • For Beginners, the pay rate normally starts at $1.00 per article less than 500 words.  For 500 word to 800 word articles it is $1.50.  Then, over 800 words the pay rate for such articles is $2.00.
  • For Intermediates, can get paid from $3.00 per article to $15.00 per article.
  • For Experts, can get paid from $5.00 per article to up to $500 per article.
  • Depending on the client, some freelance writers can make good money from writing articles, blogs, and papers for others.

Here are a few factors that will determine how much one can make as a freelance writer:

  • Number of years one has been writing and the amount of experience you have.
  • The different types of topics, articles, writing styles, and writing formats you have completed.
  • Do you have a professional website that displays samples of your work?
  • Does the freelance writer have any special skills as a writer that no one else has?
  • Can the freelancer provide good credentials, referrals, and recommendations?
  • Does the freelance writer have the needed skills for the assignment?
  • Will the freelance writer be able to complete the assignment in a timely manner?

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