Where To Find An Actual Freelance Writer's Agreement Template

Decide what sort of agreement you need. Are you going to be working for a reputable and established agency or are going alone?

Focus on why you need an agreement template

  • - To protect both you and your client. The agreement needs to be seen as a legal document and needs to outline the work that you will produce and the client needs to pay promptly for the work.
  • - To agree a timely response and payment of your work. A client that takes 3 months to tell you that they don’t like your work and it needs modification is taking a liberty. Likewise so is a client that agrees to pay you for a job and once the work is complete and not yet paid for they vanish off the face of the earth.
  • - To agree on the ownership of the work. When the client has paid for the work it is no longer your intellectual property. If they withhold payment but are using your work an passing it off as their own then they could be in default of the agreement.

Working with an agency

  • - It is well worth looking at several different agencies that work with freelance writers of different skill areas and abilities. You may need to actually register with them to get a download of their agreement templates.
  • - There is nothing stopping you looking at legal websites and exploring what they to offer in the way of agreement templates or advice to freelance writers.
  • - Even when you are working with an agency you may find that you and your client may need to change some of the terms and conditions to suit the job that you have agreed on.

Going it alone

  • - If you have some friends that already work as freelance writers, then ask their advice as to a template for an agreement. Is there just one template that they always use or do they use several variations? How do they reinforce the agreement when the client withholds payment or payment is significantly delayed?
  • - Sometimes work is outlined and agreed through emails. If this is the case then you have some form or written evidence of their requirements and of your agreement to the work. If you are not sure of the details of the work you are being asked to do get clarity because of you continue with the work and it’s not what the client wants they may refuse to pay you and you will not have any recourse.
  • - Once you have a template you can easily use it with your clients as it can be either physically signed or electronically signed, as both ways can be legally upheld.

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