Five Rules For The Freelance Writer: Creating An Attention-Grabbing Portfolio

The hardest part about getting freelance jobs as a newcomer is making potential clients believe that you have what it takes to do what they ask. You are nobody to them and they have no reason to trust you. This can be a tough pill to swallow but you can overcome this problem with a stellar portfolio. Here are five easy tips that you can follow to create one:

  • - Know the basic rules of writing
  • Many writers enter the industry without a clear understanding of some of the basic rules of grammar. You can see it in their shoddy syntax or irregular spelling. If you want to be known as batter than them, you need to brush up on all the minor grammar rules that you will be expected to apply. These can come from a book or a course depending on what makes you most comfortable.

  • - Read widely to get new ideas
  • If you want to show off your abilities, you cannot create the same type of content everyone else will present. This will prove that you are adequate but many higher paying jobs want more. Read the work of better content creators to get ideas.

  • - Refresh your portfolio every now and then
  • Even if you initially put together a good portfolio, you should add to it and take away from it ever now and then. You should be getting better as time goes by so let your work reflect that.

  • - Make sure you have permission to use your pieces
  • There are some clients who specify that your work for them is to remain confidential. This can be difficult to agree to if the piece they asked for was especially good but not complying with their wishes after the fact can earn you a nasty reputation. Be mindful of this as you select pieces.

  • - Get a second opinion from someone who knows the industry
  • It is very easy to begin to think of your work as much better than it actually is. Sometimes this is ego getting in the way of making the right assessment. Whatever the reason, you should always run your work by a good friend who knows what it should look like. They can save you from presenting yourself in the wrong way.

You may have thought about making changes to your portfolio in the past and hesitated. The tips above should take you to the next level if followed.

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