Question Of The Day: Is Freelance Writing Hard?

A freelance writing career has lots of promising perspectives and obvious advantages. However, it is very challenging as well. If you consider making your living from home, you should be aware of all obstacles on this way and learn how to deal with them. Here are the most common negatives that make freelance writer’s life really hard sometimes.

  • Unstable workload, and, consequently, unstable profits.
  • This problem is encountered by both newbies and experienced writers in the field. When you have few orders to complete and much free time, you seek for new opportunities. With successful marketing strategies you are likely to get lots of clients and too much work to do. As a result, you start refusing from the next orders, do the job, and turn to be with almost nothing to do as soon as everything is over. Many freelance writers manage this problem simply by having one or two regular clients offering amounts of work that are not too overwhelming. Try to find regular sources of income too.

  • Necessity to manage everything on your own.
  • It’s hard to deal with all aspects of any business yourself, and freelance writing career is not an exception. You should not only write, but also seek for new clients, develop marketing strategies, do accounting, organize legal matters, learn something new, and follow trends in the industry. Being self-organized is the only way out in this situation. Plan and schedule everything carefully, and you will somehow manage the task. Moreover, consider outsourcing a part of your work if you cannot complete it on time. It will be particularly useful if you suddenly get sick or have some personal reasons for not working for some time.

  • Difficulty to keep a healthy life and work balance.
  • If you work from home, there will inevitably be lots of distractions. Your family, friends, housework, and hobbies will always need your attention and time. You cannot close yourself off from everything around you, and finding a balance is, perhaps, the hardest task in this situation. Moreover, even if nobody or nothing is distracting you, working all day long won’t do any good. There is a high risk of burning out if you keep writing much for long. Schedule your time wisely and work only on certain hours not to put your private life and inspiration at risk.

It is obvious that being a freelance writer may be really hard in certain cases. However, if you know the challenges and prepare yourself for them, you will definitely overcome all the difficulties on your career path.

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