Online Jobs For Young Writers: Vital Things To Consider

A lot of young professionals dream of the freedom and success that is often seen as a byproduct of being an online freelance online writer. While many people do achieve both a large amount of freedom and success in this field, there are some vital things to consider before taking the plunge into this profession. Here is what you need to know if you are thinking about becoming a professional writer and getting into this field:

The Need for Preparation

Before you start chasing job opportunities you find through classified ads or on freelancing websites, you should do your fair amount of preparation. You need to practice your craft and identify the kind of writing at which you are good. This will help you spot the best opportunities and help you steer clear of projects that may not be good fits.

You can always broaden your skills throughout so don’t miss an opportunity to try new styles, even if they are for personal practice and are none paying. The more experience and education you have the better you will be at finding the great paying online jobs.

Knowing the Expectations

If you can commit to writing at least one or two hours a day, even in different segments, you can expect to earn about $15 - $20 per hour on most content writing projects. Of course, if you are thinking of making this into a full-time profession you will want to take on more assignments and work several hours.

This gives you an idea of what you can reasonably expect when you are first starting out. As your portfolio grows you will be able to take on larger projects that pay better. However, these often are agreed upon for a flat fee, in which case it’s up to you to get the work done within the estimated hours in order to make the project worth your time.

Staying Highly Disciplined

For anyone getting into this field, no matter how young or old, it’s important that he or she realizes they will be their own boss. There won’t be anyone chasing you around the office urging you to get the assignment done.

You’re going to be the only person responsible for staying on top of your work and juggling multiple tasks at once.

If you have the right personal discipline you should be able to earn a pretty good income within a few months as your online presence and reputation grows positively. If you don’t think you can manage staying organized and meeting all of your deadlines, you should seriously reconsider this professional.

Level Up Your Skills

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