Answering A Popular Question: Can You Really Make Money As A Freelance Writer

If you have a dream to make it big in a short span of time, then freelancing as a writer can be one of your choices. A freelance writer with the basic resources can earn a lot of money. By having a flare for writing, one can make big money by even staying home.

With the recent need for good writers in India, the job of freelancing has become very popular and demanding. It is one of the kinds which does not need much except a laptop and internet. Without stepping a foot out one can earn pots of money and build a good reputation.

As the demand for freelancers are increasing by the day, the rates paid to them are also increasing. Firms and websites are ready to pay any amount to good writers, who have experience in this field. They are paid per word or on hourly basis. Many around the world have shared their experiences of making it big through freelancing.

On the other hand, there are also people who are of the opinion that freelancing cannot be viewed as a money making source. They think that the amount of time and labour one puts in this kind of work is not justly rewarded. It requires a lot of research and analytical work, which is very tiresome and challenging.

Some ways to become a freelance writer are:

  • Get good grasp of the language
  • One of the most important criteria to become a writer is a good and strong grasp on the language. Until one is not very good with his grammar and vocabulary, he cannot become a good writer. A good writer is one who is brilliant with synonyms and antonyms.

  • Ability to write on variety of topics
  • A good writer should be able to write on any topic given to him. He should not hesitate writing on topics out of his comfort zone.

  • Research and not plagiarize

When it comes to writing, one is definitely allowed to do his own research on the topic given to him. Not always does the writer know about the title given to him. He should perform whatever research he has to but at the same time, should also make sure he does not copy the works of others. Plagiarism is a serious crime dealt very strictly in this field.

Different people have their own set of views about freelance writing. Some view it as an easy source of income, while others think it to be otherwise.

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