Tips For A Freelance Writer: How To Lower Your Taxes

When doing freelance work, regardless of what the work may be, you will need to know you will be taxed for you service. There are number of ways where you can do this.

  • - Find out about write offs
  • - Find out about sales of your work
  • - Find out about reliable CPA’S

Finding out about write offs

Being a freelance writer, or artist pretty means you are doing your own business, and when writing a business there are certain rules in regards to taxes that you must comply with. Since you’re working from home, it is important to research what you can use as write offs. There are things such as expenses, and investments into your business, which can be used as write offs. These can be investments into computer equipment, writing programs, and workshops. You can also use travel expenses, whether it is a conference, or a convention; all these can be used as tax write offs. If you pay rent, or a mortgage, that possibly can be used as a write off since you’re office is in your home, but it is important to check with your CPA, and the laws in regards to property tax, all those are intertwined. Anything that is used, and is connected with your business can be used as a write off, but it always helps to double check with your CPA, and keep solid books since you will need to file a number of times throughout the year.

Find out about sales of your work

When you work as a writer you will obviously be selling your work; and you will be taxed for it. It is to know what percentage you will be taxed per piece of work, and coordinate it with how much your expenses cost you in producing this work. It is important for you to have a separate checking account for your business, so the purchases, and investments you have will not be intertwined with your personal expenses. It is important to find out if you can earn any tax credits, and what are the tax laws in your area. People have ideas on what would be fair taxes, and if where you live the taxes are making it difficult for you to run your business, you would want to find out what credits you’re entitled to. Some countries such as Ireland have tax laws, which appeal to writers, and this makes Ireland an inviting place for writers to reside and do their work.

Find out about reliable CPA’S

It important to have a good reliable CPA since you will need to file a number of times during the year. A good CPA will be able to advise on the best decisions in regards to taxes. When looking it is important scout a number of them, most will give you a free meet and greet and always check reviews.

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