How To Stay Away From Unnecessary Mistakes While Looking For A Freelance Writing Job

To become a successful freelance writer, you shouldn’t just be a good writer. You must also organize your work properly and be able to communicate with clients. Many young writers ignore these nuances of the job and focus only on the actual writing. This may lead to you becoming a great writer and a terrible employee. To avoid mistakes and earn good money, you should follow these tips:

  1. Set regular working hours.
  2. Many people think that working as a freelancer means not having regular work hours. This is a mistake. Of course, you’re not obligated to do your writing from nine to five, but you should set a working time nevertheless.

  3. Don’t work for an hourly rate.
  4. You shouldn’t take a writing job if it’s paid on an hourly rate. You’ll soon see that such a method won’t bring you much profit. It’s always better to set a price by the project or by the word.

  5. Don’t get interrupted.
  6. Being a freelance writer, you’re likely to work at home. The problem is that your relatives or friends may not understand that your work is important. They may call you on the phone, or interrupt you by other means. Make them understand that when you’re working you don’t have time to chat with them.

  7. Don’t avoid social media.
  8. For some reason, many people who start freelance writing careers avoid using social media to promote themselves. This is a mistake. When making your first steps in this field nobody will advertise you better than yourself. Social networks are very good for this because they allow a huge amount of people to see you.

  9. Create a website.
  10. Many young writers think that if nobody knows them they don’t need personal websites. However, when clients are considering offering you a job, they want to see whether you’re a professional. The best way to prove your professionalism is to have a well-designed personal website.

  11. Set your goals.
  12. If you don’t set any goals for yourself you won’t ever become successful. This doesn’t always mean setting big goals. You may set little monthly goals, like finding new clients, engaging in a different type of writing, and so on. This might seem profitless in the beginning, but these little steps will help you accomplish larger goals in the future.

  13. Follow instructions.
  14. Every freelance writing job has particular instructions. Some young writers don’t follow these instructions strictly, which can lead to them getting less money or not getting paid at all.

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