5 Common Mistakes Freelance Grant Writers Tend To Make

Freelance grant writing is an industry that always has a demand. Writers can develop a steady income by helping non-profit organizations apply for the grants that they need to survive. The writer's job is to match the organization with a grant that suits them. Afterward, the writer must create and submit a proposal that makes the organization stand out from the crowd. Although this process sounds simple, there are some common mistakes that grant writers make.

  • - Writing Ability Is a Must
  • Knowing how to apply and find grants is a great talent to have. Unfortunately, writers also need to know how to write. The grant will be awarded to an organization that has a well-written proposal. If the writer uses poor grammar and convoluted sentences, the proposal may not get accepted.

  • - Going for the Big Organizations
  • Large organizations have the resources to hire a full-time grant writer and to provide plenty of projects. It may seem lucrative, but grant writers should be wary. A larger organization will often have more competition between potential writers. If the writer is not hired, they are left without a position or income stream. Using small organizations allows the writer to diversify their income sources. A smaller company is also more likely to hire a freelance writer because they are unable to pay for a full-time grant writer.

  • - Networking is a Must
  • When the economy downshifts or the non-profit loses a grant, they will cut their staff. To protect from the upheaval of a job loss, writers should network with everyone around them. Even when working for a large non-profit, writers should save the contact information of everyone they deal with. If these employees switch to a new company in the future, they may be able to put in a good word for the writer.

  • - Track Hours
  • As a freelance writer, it can be easy to just focus on completing a project. Instead of just doing the work, writers should begin to track their hours. This allows the writer to actually calculate their hourly wage. A project with a high-dollar value may seem lucrative initially. Once writers actually figure out their hourly rate, they may realize that they are being underpaid for the job.

  • - Know the Organization
  • It is the grant writer's job to research the organization and find a variety of matching grants. Although the writer needs to track their hours, they also have to make sure that they have a thorough knowledge of the company. This knowledge will allow them to locate and write better grant proposals.

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