What Is The Average Freelance Writer Hourly Rate?

Freelance writers produce a huge amount of different writing, including articles and stories for books, TV and movie production, online resources, and academic writing assignments. Usually, they work from their homes or a co-working place. The majority of them are self-employed, and their hourly rates vary significantly depending on the type of writing they do:

  1. Authors:
  2. Typically, these freelance writers earn about forty-five dollars per hour. The hourly rate depends on the topics and the writer’s experience. They may submit their independent projects or work on assignments specified by their clients. Authors choose topics interesting to readers, do some research, and then write texts. They submit final versions after editing and corrections. They sometimes work with editors, but in most cases, their clients revise the work and make comments so the writers can make the necessary corrections.

  3. Technical writers:
  4. A freelance technical writer’s average wage is about thirty dollars per hour. These writers prepare help texts, instruction manuals, technical specifications, and other documents that help users understand technological procedures. Technical writers work with technical staff and managers to identify important characteristics of products, structure and organization information, check everything, and produce final documents for distribution. They need strong engineering or computer studies backgrounds.

  5. TV and movie production scriptwriters:
  6. Freelance scriptwriters work for TV and movie production companies. The average hourly rates are usually non-applicable because they receive payments per piece of writing. An original movie screenplay may receive up to one hundred thousand dollars, while a novel screenplay is often much cheaper. These freelance writers can receive about thirty thousand dollars for an hour-long TV story.

  7. Academic freelance writers:
  8. Numerous academic freelance writers help undergraduate and graduate students complete their writing assignments. An average rate depends on the complexity of the assignment and amount of time available. Typically, a college essay is charged about ten dollars per hour. Rush work is usually charged about 20-30 percent more. Academic writing that requires solid research may cost from twenty to fifty dollars per hour.

  9. Independent freelance writers:
  10. Many freelance writers work on individual projects. If you create news, you may charge from thirty to two hundred dollars per hour. The average hourly rate is about seventy dollars. The ranges per project may vary significantly. A typical book review earns about three hundred dollars. Ghostwriters prepare books “as told to” for an average of about seventy dollars per hour.

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