A Quick Guide To Common Freelance Writing Rates

Freelance writing rates can vary dramatically based on the kind of writing, the scale of the project, and the experience and caliber of the writer.

Hourly Rates

Whether you are a writer setting rates, or a client looking to hire a freelancer, it is helpful to think of jobs in terms of hourly work. If the project is paid by the hour this will be straightforward, but if the job is a paid in a set amount, or per word, this will require you to estimate the number of hours it will take, and calculate the hourly rate. Freelance writers can charge anywhere from $10-100 dollars per hour, though between $15 and $30 is common for most writing disciplines. The more specialized and technical the discipline, the higher price of the work. Blogs and online articles may pay less than $10 per hour, where technical or white paper writing may pay $80 per hour.

Per Page Rates

Another option for setting project prices is to charge per page or word. At its core this is essentially also an hourly rate, depending on how long each page of content will take to create. Commonly per page rates are $10-$35 per page.

Rates Reflect Quality

When using an online freelance website or marketplace, proposals for any one project will vary wildly, depending on the quality and experience of the applicants, as well as their country of origin. If you are a freelancer involved in this bidding process, it’s important to bid competitively while still ensuring you will make enough to make it worth your time and meet your financial need. This can be a difficult balance. Try to get a read on what level of quality the client is looking for in the project, and include this in your bid calculations.

If you are a client putting a project out to bid, beware of bids that are drastically lower than the average. This is likely a reflection of the freelancer’s experience and quality. Often times, very low proposals come from new freelancers, or those working overseas where cost of living may be much lower.

Rates May Change

Both writer and client rates may change over time, as the writer gains experience and as trust is built. But be sure to raise prices at the start of a new project, not part way through one.

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