Pros And Cons Of Getting A Freelance Ghost Writer's Job

Even though having your name connected with a play, poem, novel, essay, short story, or article can be exciting, choosing to ghostwrite can be just as rewarding...and extremely lucrative. Copies or clips which contain your name are great for building your portfolio. Since these are not available when the work is done by ghostwriting, this can be a deterrent to many writers.

Doing the writing on behalf of another person (ghostwriting) has been around for about as long as people have been able to write. If your aim is to become a prolific writer, consider the advantages that ghostwriting may bring to you. So, do you hold out to see your "John Hancock" or do you become invisible? Here are the pros and cons to getting a freelance ghost writer's job:

  • - Pro: Ghostwriting can be well paid
  • This is by no means an absolute, but the confidentiality of the ghostwriter is often factored in, increasing the payout. Also to be considered is that the other person wants to show their name on excellent writing so payment can be higher because of this as well.

  • - Con: No credit is given to ghostwriters
  • If you end up writing a bestseller, sit down and have a good cry. You have signed away the copyrights already so it will only be you and the employer who know how great you are. If you can't live with this it may not be for you.

  • - Pro: Jobs are more plentiful
  • You will find significantly more jobs excepting ghostwriting positions than if you insist on waiting for assignments that come with credit. You will get the opportunity to write about a variety of topics, and satisfied clients will often have other jobs waiting for you.

  • - Con: Your CV may have to go without listing ghostwritten work
  • Unless you have worked out a deal beforehand, normally you will not be able to list the titles of work that was ghostwritten. However, most employers will be okay with you putting them down as a reference. Make sure to ask first!

  • - Pro: "School is free for freelancers"
  • Since you will be writing about such a wide variety of topics, you are basically getting paid to learn because you will need to do lots of research in tons of subjects. Very few jobs can claim this as a perk!

  • - Con: No say in editing
  • Ghostwriters very rarely have any input on how the final piece is edited. This doesn't always happen but it is something to think about.

  • - Pro: No controversy backlash
  • If you happen to ghostwrite a piece that is very controversial, none of the fallout is on your shoulders. Since you really don't exist, no one is going to make the connection.

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