How To Get A Freelance Writing Job: Useful Instructions For Beginners

So, you have decided to venture into freelance writing? That’s good! Except, you have no idea where to go, what to do and who to approach for such a job. You look for easy ways out, and those usually lead you to content mills, where you can be stuck churning out articles for a dismal price, wondering where all the money is. But you are in luck, here are some useful instructions for beginners.

Freelance work is tougher than it looks

People think sitting in front of a laptop and writing all day cannot possibly be exhausting. However, most people do not know that writers do not only write: they network as well. Ponder upon this: who do you sell your writing to? Clients. Where do you get these clients from? Networking, obviously.

Most writers you know built their careers by networking. They approach editors, send out portfolios, wrote articles when they could, and never lowered themselves to writing for content mills. Since this is the technological era, you may not have to do all this manually, but it will take some time. Have patience, and do good work whenever you can.

Here are some points that you should keep in mind while networking:

  • It’s never going to work out in the first try. You are a new writer. The editor hasn’t seen your work before. Of course, he/she is wary of hiring you. Do not get discouraged. Keep trying. If you want, try for smaller, but respectable, publications before you move to bigger gigs.
  • Do not become a member of the content mill crowd. It is said that the longer you write a type of content, the more you get accustomed to it. Therefore, do not lower your standards of writing for measly pay. If you can, tell the client why they should pay you more. If not, move on. You will find better-writing opportunities with your talent.

You finally have a website/client ready to listen to you. What should you do?

    Read. Read their previous publications. Go through previous issues of the magazines or past articles on the website. Get the hang of the tone and the style. When you pitch your idea, try incorporating the same in your words. You will find that the client will be much better inclined to hear you out because your style already suits their needs.

Most of all do not get discouraged. Getting a freelance writing job is a hard and long journey, but the rewards are certainly worth it. These useful instructions should help. If you can write well, there is nothing that can stop you.

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