How To Write A Freelance Writer’s Resume: 5 Helpful Suggestions

A resume is to your interviewer, what a first date is to your crush. The similarity is your interest in your crush and in the job. The differences are, in a resume you are not getting to make live conversation, you have no scope to clarify yourself if misunderstood and you have to impress in very few words while there are tens or hundreds of other applicants already! However, since you are a writer, making an impressive freelance writer’s CV won’t be difficult if you’re just being yourself.

Make it easy for yourself

In order to come up with an impressive freelance writer’s CV, all you need to do is follow these tips:

  • - Brevity: Notice how you skip the longer comments on a Facebook comment thread or pick the shorter descriptions from a book cover? Expect the same with your resume among hundreds of others.
  • - Totality: Though you need to keep it short, make sure all points that will get you closer to the job, are right there within the top half of your CV. Don’t forget anything starting from your name and experience in the beginning to the sample attachments and signing off at the bottom.
  • - Readability: List your skills and qualifications rather than cram them up in a paragraph with commas. Make a table for your educational qualification. Make short paragraphs to ensure that just a glance at the resume will ensure attention to the important parts.
  • - Creativity: Striking a balance between creativity and formality is not that difficult. Keep the humor away from the most important parts. You can add a humorous line or two while describing your skills or convincing why you should be hired.

Make sure that you don’t cross the line while trying to write an impressive freelance writer’s resume because if you appear too cheeky, you won’t get a second chance to explain yourself. If you are not sure about where to draw the line, keep it all formal.

Must haves

There is a certain set of information that you must include in your bio data and they are:
  • - Your work experience, even if it’s not really impressive.
  • - Your niche or areas where you are better skilled.
  • - Sample attachments that have articles relevant to the area of the Company you are applying for.
  • - Latest published works if any.

Proofread your resume and sample articles even if you have submitted them elsewhere earlier. Make sure the font and size are legible and formal. Don’t forget to sign off in the CV as well as in the mail you’re sending it in. Lastly, breathe. You already have what it takes to present an impressive freelance writer’s CV, you can make it.

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