Where to Look for Interesting Travel Freelance Writing Jobs

When getting started in the freelance industry, new writers may have problems locating work. Travel writing can be a lucrative field to write about, but there are many other travel writers who try to break into the industry. To be successful, new freelance travel writers need to work hard to find jobs in the field. Once they have received the first project, they can use it to reach out to other clients.

Create a Blog

In the beginning, many writers will need to work for free. By doing this, the writer will be able to build up a portfolio and demonstrate their skills to a fellow client. Creating a blog is one of the first steps. Writers can choose to create the blog about a specific destination, or they can use it to post articles about any travel hot spot. Later on, the writer can use these articles as examples for future clients.

In addition to creating a blog, writers can always find websites that accept articles. On these sites, the writer works for free or just a small fee. Although it is not a long-term writing project, it will help newbies to get started in the industry.

Reach Out to Magazines

Some of the top magazines will only work with the best journalists and big names in the industry. Fortunately, there are hundreds of other magazines and trade publications that will take work on spec. Writers should try to find small, niche magazines because it will be easier to get them to hire a new writer. Once the writer has found several different publications that are accepting work, they can send out proposal letters with their ideas for specific articles.

Often, only a small fraction of these proposals will be accepted. Newbies should look at sending out proposals as a numbers game. If only one out of ten pitches are accepted, the writer needs to send out ten or more proposals to get a job. Continuously bidding on projects will ensure that the writer is able to get work in the industry.

Write a Book

It seems incredible that every location around the world has not been covered yet, but many smaller, unknown travel destinations have received very little attention. Countries like Taiwan, Myanmar and Malaysia are visited rarely by Western tourists. Due to this, new writers have an excellent opportunity to branch out. Writers can create a website and an e-book about one of these unknown destinations. In addition to demonstrating their experience in the industry, writing about an unknown locale can actually be quite lucrative. Travelers to these areas need good information to inform their decisions, and they will buy up the writer's books to learn more about the area.

Level Up Your Skills

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