How To Find A Good Freelance Job: Writing Greeting Cards

Working for yourself has some of the best advantages and best benefits:

  • Determine the type of work you will agree to take.
  • Can work the job anytime and anywhere.
  • You do not have to dress up for work, work in a small office cubicle, or deal with crazy office politics.
  • Can work either on a part-time basis or full-time basis.
  • Can work in a very relaxing atmosphere like your bedroom, kitchen, backyard, or while on vacation.

Here are a few surprising “work from jobs” that you can do:

  • Teaching or tutoring jobs.
  • Writing jobs.
  • Writing greeting cards.
  • Secretarial, paralegal, or virtual assistant jobs.
  • IT Consulting jobs
  • Business consulting jobs.
  • Web development jobs.
  • Grant writing and proposal writing jobs.
  • Medical Billing and Medical Transcriptionist jobs.
  • Legal Reporting jobs.

How to find the best “work from jobs” for yourself?

  • Have some knowledge of what type of work you love to do.
  • Good to look for jobs that compliment your skills, qualifications, and knowledge.
  • It is always good to create a profile on as many as online employment sites as possible.
  • Also, good to create a profile on certain professional social media sites.
  • Never be afraid to check out a company web site and send an inquiry to the hiring manager for possible freelance job opportunities.
  • There are many online sites set-up for individuals looking for freelance work, but only use ones that do not charge a fee.

How and where to find work as a freelance greeting card writer?

  • Many greeting card companies are starting to look for writers on a temporary or part-time basis.
  • The reason for looking for writers on a temporary basis is to cut costs and save money on hiring full-time employees.
  • Also, the industry of greeting cards has gone digital as well.
  • Many card companies are looking for writers who are very creative and imaginative.
  • The companies love writers who have a little attitude and a good sense of humor.
  • They love professional writers who can write short content that is straight to the point.
  • Many greeting card companies love individuals who are poets and can rhyme pretty well.
  • There are many online card companies that like to hire virtual writers for their business.
  • The writer should not be afraid to express their unique sense of humor, show their sensitive side, or show their peculiar, funny side.

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